Hi, there.  I am Chris, I’m a family man from the south of England and a few years ago I decided that I needed a big change in my life.  I spent years looking in to what I could do, I read books, looked on line, talked to freinds and family and found out lots of information but stayed where I was because it was “easier”.  I needed a big push, that came when even my work noticed things were going badly and sent me to a psychiatrist.  Major wake up call.  I thought that I was hiding it well by just “getting on with it”. Wrong.  I didn’t want to go but forced myself to take the first step towards change.  It changed my life.  This clarified all the things that NEEDED to change, and gave me the push to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.  I made some major changes and feel much better for it, happiness and health are now much better.  I’m still working on wealth but believe it will hapen soon.

You need to live your life not just survive it!


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