Daily Prompt: Scorched

via Daily Prompt: Scorched

I have never tried responding to one of these posts before but thought this one resonated with some of the things I have been writing about on my blog.

So what did I think about when I read the daily prompt?

I thought about fear and living your life based on what happened in the past.  Let me explain.  Check out this image below.


A scorched earth. Burnt, seemingly dead, ruined beyond redemption.  Or is it?  Let’s start by looking at the definition of the word.

“VERB: Burn the surface (of something) with flame or heat”

So what? The key here is that it is only the surface that is affected.  What is underneath is unaffected.  Just look at what happens when a volcano erupts, the surface of the land around a volcano is scorched but the land underneath is fine.  Often plants start to reclaim the land very quickly and often this land becomes more fertile as a result.

My blog “successyourway“is all about making your life better.  Many of us are unhappy with the life we have at the moment and are looking for ways to change it so we can feel like we are valuable as people and enjoy our lives before we die, we want to provide better lives for our children than we had or want to experience what the world has to offer.  We have dreams but we don’t act on them. Why is that?

“Once bitten, twice shy”

You’ve heard this phrase, right? It means that if something doesn’t work once we assume that it won’t work again. We are afraid of failure. We tried something once and it went wrong, maybe we were willing to try a few times, and ultimately failed. We crashed and burned.  We got scorched. Now when something fails, or looks like it is a lost cause, even once we write it off.  Then decide that this must be the fault of the things we used or the people involved or it is just fate conspiring against us.  It’s not our fault but at least we tried, right?

Where would we be if all the inventors of the things we use every day thought the same thing? We would probably still be living in caves or extinct by now.

The lesson from this is that even if we get burned by something we should not be afraid to try again.  Those that persevere can yield the best results and change the world.  Look beyond the scorched surface and see what’s underneath.


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