What is your superpower?

green lantern

Everybody I know has got, or has had someone they look up to or admire, for children their superheroes are their parents.  They can do amazing things that they can’t (yet).  Who is your superhero/idol?  There is a good chance that these are just ordinary people who can do great things and you want to belike them.  There is a chance that you are already someone’s hero, so what is YOUR superpower?

I hope by now that you know that the best way to get ahead is to step out of your comfort zone and change your life for the better.  You start by setting yourself goals and concentrating on the things that you have a passion for.  Then you dedicate yourself to following your passion and then share it with others.  If you do this you will someday be someone respected and admired in that area. Somebody’s superhero in that field that others want to be/follow/work with/meet.


If you are not an expert in your field yet what is going to get you there and help you acheive everything your heart desires?  Yep, it’s YOU!  We are all created with a superpower inside of us that fuels our success.  You started using it when you were a baby and somewhere along the way you stopped and now it is hard work.   You used it to learn to walk, to run, to learn a language, to talk even when every word you heard was alien to you.  What is it?  Willpower.


It’s true, when you were young you were motivated to explore the world around you and discover the world around you.  You used willpower everyday.  Like a muscle it got weaker when you stopped using it and now you find it hard to stick at something and give up.  How do you get it back? Jeff Haden (@jeff_haden) wrote an article that said there are five things that people with remarkable willpower do.

1.Eliminate as many choices as possible – remove options and temptations so you don’t have to use willpower to resist them.

2.Make choices for tomorrow today – what to wear, what to eat, list of jobs to do. That way you have fewer things to distract you from your goals.

3.Do the hardest thing you need to do first – when you wake up you have got the most energy and you are able to make the toughest choices and complete the toughest challenges.  If you wait till later you may put them off to another time or not do them at all.

4. Refuel frequently – you need to take breaks or you will get weaker, both mentally and physically, you need energy to fuel your willpower.  Water and healthy snacks WITHOUT distractions are needed every 60 to 90 minutes.  This small break will mean you get more done overall.

5.Create reminders of long term goals – like number 3. but these cannot be done in one day.  Peopl may tape money to a mirror that they use in the morning or a photo of a dream holiday/car/body to remind them of the end goal. They may also use images of the worst times like the time they were the fattest/poorest/most desperate to deter them from going back again.

The Green Lantern Corps in the picture above use willpower to create anything they desire as there is no limit to the power their rings provide.  There is no limit to your willpower so why not use it?

To recap.  Your superpowers are your passions and your willpower.  Together they can make you superheroes in the eyes of others and help you acheive your dreams.



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