Adversity stops you over thinking a situation and makes you act from instinct. When you over think an idea you try and think about it from all angles; including the one where you worry about what others think. You try and be the person you think people want to see and this can govern your actions, there are many people out there who become completely different people just to impress or fit in. This is not the real them. When faced with adversity you do what comes naturally. If you act brave but are a coward you will run, if you have been hiding from the limelight because you are scared of standing out you may just save the day.
Your whole world may change once you are revealed but you will be much happier with the result. So be brave and be yourself, don’t wait for a life and death situation to prove who you are.

Coach John

“Adversity does not build character—it reveals it.”

– John Wooden

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