Happy life principles


Happiness can be defined in many different ways, this is because many different people find that what makes them happy is different to others.  There are, however, some things that appear on most of those lists.  The rules listed above may fit well in this catagory.  They are the rules used by those who practice Reiki.  Reiki is mostly associated with healing using a universal energy that surrounds us.  This is called many different things, some say Ki,or Chi, or Prana or The Holy Ghost or even The Force. There are no wrong answers but there is proof that there is an energy in all living things and this can be seen using special photography.

I am not going to look at Reiki in this post. I am going to look at the five principles above and show how they can be used to help improve your life. This is just my interpretation but it may resonate with you and insprire you to try them out or know more. These rules all begin with “just for today…” this way if you fail to keep a rule you can always try again tomorrow,

…I will not anger.

Most people will agree that anger is a negative emotion. It is normally born from frustration or fear. Frustration when things don’t go the way you want, like when playing a game and you are losing or when you can’t solve a problem, and where failing has no consequences.  The other is fear of what will happen if things don’t go your way, you’ll be shouted at, fired from your job, you’ll miss something/someone. My question for you is this. Did getting angry make any difference?  Normally the only effects of getting angry are negative ones.  Being angry can lead to increased heart rate, stress on your body it may focus you to become more angry or get hurt, in a fight or lashing out.  So don’t get angry, learn ways to calm down and let go of frustration.

…I will not worry.

This is similar to above.  Worrying is normally associated with the past or the future.  Something that you regret or fear something negative will result from.  It may be that you are unsure about the future, you may have heard that the company you work for needs to save some money and one of the options may be to reduce staff, you then worry that if they do reduce staff they might sack you. So I ask you these questions?  Can you change the past? Can you predict the future with 100% accuracy? No? Then you know that the only time you can change what is happening is now.  Don’t worry about the past or things that you cannot change.

…I will be grateful.

Most people have the desire to have more than they have now.  This makes them feel unhappy about their current situation.  Not enough money, nobody loves them, dead end job and so on.  This also means that you have got money, got family/friends or have a job.  You see people on the TV in “third-world countries” living in huts, walking miles just to get water.  What do you think they would do if they were offered a chance to be you, in your house, job, life?  They would probably see their dream life coming true.  Take time to think about how good you current situation is and be grateful for it, you may not think your life is that bad at all and start enjoying it.

…I will do my work honestly.

This is a simpler one for me.  It means that you should always do work that you are proud of.  Don’t try and cheat people or take more than is yours, even when it comes to free offers.  I was always offered free pens at work but I still made sure there were enough for everyone, even if I was the only person offered one.  If you do a poor job it only reflects on you.  Good work may even get you head hunted to a better position/job.

…I will be kind to every living being.

This one relates to the energy that resides in all living cells.  It is believed that this energy is shared.  Did you ever laugh or smile just because someone else was doing it? Why?  If someone was kind to you did you feel more inclined to be kind to others?  Most times the answer is yes.  It’s even used as a proven sales technique, if a sales person offers you something small like a coffee or 5% off you are much more likely to buy something from them, even if you had no intention to buy in the first place.  So be kind and the good feeling will be shared and passed on or even repayed to you in the future in some way. it’s WIN WIN so do it.

If you wish to know more about Reiki check out this free video or even try this free book.



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