Free traffic from You Tube


If you are looking to gain traffic to your site.  There are various ways to do this, you can go for free traffic or paid traffic.

I’ll quickly go through these then focus on You Tube.

Paid traffic

You pay for someone to send traffic to your site or pay for adverts.

PPCPPC or Pay Per Click

This is where you pay a company, like facebook, Bing, Google or Amazon to host an advert on their site.  You can pay for an amount of time or you can pay for a number of clicks (whenever someone clicks on your advert).  They have price lists on their sites.  These are normally the small bits of text you see on the side of search engine posts.

banner-adsSolo Ads/Banner ads

You can create a banner for your product or if you are an affiliate trying to sell for someone else there may be some banners already made for you to use.  These are like PPC in that you can pay for someone to host these on their site for a fee (PPC or time)  They are also useful if you want to make money from your own site as you can place these yourself and hopefully someone will click on them and buy whatever your selling.    These are larger and cost more but are more likely to be clicked.  Both these and PPC ads can be sent to targeted customers.  You can specify the type of people you want to see these ads (for a fee) and then you are much more likely to receive traffic to your site from those more likely to buy.

Free Traffic

ls-bannerWorking with others.

There are companies like this one where you join a team of others to create a list and share it.  Better than working alone right.  You can check it out here for FREE.  This one also has free training videos.

ptcPaid adverts/exchange traffic

These companies above pay you a small commission to watch adverts and can also exchange traffic.  You watch the adverts from others and they give you credits and then they will use these credits to  put your advert on their list to be viewed by others for free.  Check out Neobux here or PaidTolick.In.


You can set up blogs for free in various ways on your PC, on your website, on your mobile or I’m sure there are others but the important thing is, this can be made really interesting and can bring people to your site.  On online blog can be used like social media but you put much bigger posts on here.  They can also be searched on line and then shared with others, then you get followers and these can become traffic for your site.  Guess what?  I also have a site, it’s not very big but there are some cool links on there.  Check it out here

The best two I have found are WordPress (funnily enough) and Blogger (for mobiles)

The last is You Tube

Making videos on you tube.  As I said in my last post.  This is a great way to gain followers and build your list – for free.

You’ve just got to be brave enough to make the first step.  Get a channel on YouTube – this is actually very easy as you don’t even need to post anything and there are lots of videos out there that will help you in the future.  Just go to YouTube and look for the create channel button.  I wanted to link this with my business so I logged in using my Google+ account.  This way I can keep track of all my interactions without having to remember tons of log in details and passwords.  (so much easier and you can gain followers on your Google+ account too – bonus)

You’re right, step one is really easy, so what’s step two?  Ah now this is where people get stuck.  Make a video.

See the logo above, the catchphrase is broadcast yourself.  What do think of?  you’re probably thinking about the other picture.  Talking or doing something or both in front of a camera.  These are definitely options but not the only ones.

Depending on your passion. (You know what that is right?)Here are some of the options, including those from above.

Get someone to film you making a presentation, doing something you’re passionate about (you cooking a recipe/or the food being cooked, excercising etc)

You could film yourself, camcorder on a tripod or even just the webcam on your laptop.

Screen capture – show what is going on on your laptop.  This could be working through a Powerpoint presentation, showing a still image with your voice over the top.  (This is my favourite as it is free and gets easier the more you do it)

Get someone else to make the video for you – you can outsource to others.

Get out there and make a step in the right direction.  Be successful.


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