Fear of new experiences


All the best things in life are usually gained by stpping out of your comfort zone, that makes them all the more attractive and impossible at the same time.  You see a challenge, what so you do?  Take a really high diving board.  Lots of people would be happy to not even try and keep on swimming/ treading water as they have always done.  Some are bored of treading water and want a change.  If you are reading this you are one of these people.  There are now four types of people left.

  1. Those too scared to even try and just resign themselves to their fate, but complain to the other swimmers about their life
  2. Those who decide they are going to do it and climb the ladder, climb to the top and then panic and go back down and think at least they tried.
  3. There are some who get on the board and are then like the person in the picture.  At the point of no return and scared.  By now there are people below watching to see what happens next and people behind you waiting for you to get a move on.  Here is the life changing point.  Do you become one of those people in group 2 and push your way back down the steps and wonder “what if…?” OR do you close your eyes, take a deep breath and take a leap?
  4. If you take the leap you could find yourself in this group.  The fearless.  These are the ones who just climb the steps and jump of the board or maybe even dive off it in style.

Life is a series on stories, what do your stories say about you?  Would you want to read them?  Make your story great and then you could pass these stories on to your friends and family, some may be remembered for a long time to come and you will usually feel great about your successes when you talk about them.

Go for it. Sometimes being scared forces you to decide to take control of your life and write the next chapter in your story.  Make it a good one.


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