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This is a topic in a lot of people’s minds at the moment.  Who should you vote for?  Should you vote at all? Unfortunately I can’t tell you who to vote for.  I can tell you how to decide and that is why I’m writing this on my blog.

I say on my blog that you should do what you are passionate about and remove as much stress as possible.  I can answer the second question above. “Should you vote at all?”  If you don’t vote someone else will and they will decide the next leaders of this country. Then what can you do?

Who to vote for is up to you.  If you read everything that the parties propose you may go mad – unless, of course, you wnat to know everything before you make your decision.  Most people don’t.  But they DO know about the things that they are not happy with. Hopefully by now you have worked out what you are passionate about. Now you need to find out what the political parties have planned for your passion area.  You will have to read up on their plans and decide which look most favourable to you. Then vote for the best.


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