Take action


OK, so you are looking for a better life.  You have a good idea about what that better life looks like.  What you own, who you love, what you have been successful in doing.  Do you have a plan to get there?  Do you have small steps that you can complete along the way?  If you are one of the very few that have got this far, well done.  You’re doing great! SO FAR.  Unfortunately this is as far as some people go.  They make a great plan but think that they will get around to it “later” or “tomorrow”. But tomorrow never comes and eventually time runs out.  You need to try and take those steps towards your goal every day.  How far would you go if you only walked one mile each day?  If you started in London you could reach Paris in less than 10 months.  What if you could go 10 miles a day? Then you could get there in a month.  If you could travel 40 miles  a day (this is the amount of driving done by commuters every day to work in a city) You would be there in a week.  Paris seems a lot closer now doesn’t it?  It’s just one week’s worth of driving to work every day!

What is the big difference between the commuting and the drive to Paris?  Direction.  You need to travel in the right direction or you will never arrive at your goal.  Don’t keep doing the same things and expect different results.  Change and succeed.


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