Happy Earth Day


There is no better start to a changing your world than to start with yourself.  Ghandi gave us the quote above,  if you want people to be more caring or giving or happy you need to look at yourself first.  Could you be more of those things?  If you can be more caring then more people will care for you.  If you can be more generous then people are more likely to be more generous to you.  It may surprise you to see how many people look up to you and respect you and if they see you change they will want to follow your example.

You might be one of those people who doesn’t like to receive things from others,  I was one  of these. I thought that the other people were feeling sorry for me, or that they thought I was a “charity case” or that I didn’t deserve it.  I found that although I thought I was “doing them a favour” I was offending them.  I got around this by telling people to “pay it forward”   If you haven’t heard of this, this is where you do something nice for someone else (friend, family, stranger it doesn’t matter) If they offer something in return tell them to “pay it forward” and to do something nice for someone else and spread the love.  This was you feel good that you have done a good thing and the other person gets to pay you back. Win Win.

Happy Earth Day!  Make the Earth a better place today, start with you.


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