Ways to be great


I found this picture on line and really loved it.  It had all the main things you need to be successful and places them in a circle.  The phrase “the secret of success is…success” is also a great one.  Think about it if you succeed at anything you feel great and want more.  I am a self employed KJ (Karaoke host and DJ) and find this is very true in my line of work.  If you want to sing karaoke you need 1.passion – you’ve got to want to sing the song and believe you can do it. 2. work – if you want to be great at it you’ve probably practiced privately ( in the car/shower/nightclub) 3.focus – even if you are sure you know the words you will always be following the words on the screen like a hawk. 4. push – someone may have to so this for you but once you start singing…5. ideas – you probably had a few songs you liked but which one. 6.improve – once you’ve sung you probably enjoyed it, so how can you sing that song better or dance to it or which song is next? 7. serve – show people your talent and they’ll ask for more, a great feeling so give them what they want. 8. persist – if you find it scary, or found the wrong song, keep going you’ll get there and then you’ll be hooked.  I started by just singing now I’ve been the KJ for many years.  It’s still scary, especially when I sing the first song in a new venue, but great fun.

You can apply this diagram to any area of your life, it may be scary but if you put in the effort and get a small win it will motivate you to go further.  Don’t be put of by the small setbacks, they can’t take you back to the start of the journey as that was the courage to try, you have that so get back to it and succeed in a big way.


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